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Running a business is difficult, and well we know it. The only way to grow your business and market share is to invest in the business. However, this can prove to be testing when you simply don’t have the finance to do so.

Whether you are seeking business loans for working capital, buildings, equipment or renovations, we research the market and negotiate the best deal for our clients across all sectors.

Our Business Has the Cash Available, So Why Would We Apply for Finance?

Cash Flow, that’s why. Many businesses feel they are in a strong financial position and don’t need to gather finance. In some instances, it can be a pride issue.

However, there is no shame in running your business properly. If that means financing a business investment to help ease cash flow, then so be it.

Business Loans

Business Loans

Business loans are used for a variety of reasons. The organisation may be seeking to invest in new equipment, buildings or financing cash flow.

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Business Loans Help to Ease Cash Flow

Finance, technology, and manpower are essential needs of any business. Finance is however a key aspect which makes it possible for businesses to meet all the other needs. Therefore, the required cash flow can be highly critical for expanding your business since it can be used for various purposes to grow the business.

At Consultas, we realise the potential of small to medium sized businesses. We arrange a variety of business loans for funding, expansion plans, financing new equipment, and increasing business inventory.

Ownership of the Company is Retained

A bank loans money to a business based on its value and its perceived ability to service the loan by making the repayments. Unlike with equity finance where the business issues shares, banks do not take any ownership position in businesses.

Why Choose Us?

At Consultas, we are a business broker. We research the market to secure the most flexible repayment deal for our clients. This also makes it easier for the business to operate without the ongoing pressure of a repayment plan that doesn’t suit the business.

We Work with All Banks & Financial Institutions

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