Partnership Mediation

Partnership Mediation

When a business partnership is experiencing serious conflict it is a very personal and painful experience for everyone involved. From the partners, to the employees, to the vendors, clients, and even family members notice the strain and drain on the companies productivity and financial and personal resources.

Mediation is the process of resolving internal issues within a business. Our experienced team assists in negotiating terms to ensure that conflicts are resolved to protect the interest of the owners. This is an effective, inexpensive, informal way to resolve a dispute quickly. The mediator helps the partners to generate options for a mutually satisfactory solution. All decisions are made by the people involved, not by the mediator.

A Commercial Mediator can help you achieve a flexible, faster and cost effective way of resolving disputes. This process is an alternative to the court system. Our experts have an excellent track record for resolving partnership disputes. If you feel we could help your business, please call:

Niall Kavanagh – Director | 083 427 4881

Connell Porter – Director | 083 480 9229